Boya Lake



My name is Linda Holland.  My husband, Bruce & I are semi-retired. A couple of years ago we chose to sell our business, our house and our property AND LIVE IN OUR RV.

Tombstone Terr. Park

What a view!

What works for us so far is to live in our 40’ 5th wheel at our home base of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for around 9 months of the year and then travel in our ‘elderly’ 27’ Class C for the other 3 months.

We’re also learning to fly-fish and will be attempting to catch a lot of our dinners!  That will be an adventure in itself!**

I’d like to entertain you with our adventures, give tips on where to stay and what to do.. and sometimes more importantly … what NOT to do at destinations along the way! We’ll also be reporting on any new gadgets or technology that we’ve found useful on the road.

Our new adventure begins in May/June 2016 and will see us head north again into the Yukon, then into Alaska for the bulk of the trip.  We only skirted the eastern edge last time (2014) and are eager to explore the rest!  We may stay out later this year in the hopes of catching some Northern Lights but we’re also worried about the ‘Northern Mosquito’!  So we’ll have to see how it goes.  Keep posted for the planning and execution of the ‘North to Alaska 2016’ trip!


Small but tasty!


**We’ve caught one fish so far!