Camping in a field in Victoria


Well, we’re back in Victoria again.  After a long delayed start, we had made the decision to stay on Vancouver Island this year and explore our own backyard.  Unfortunately, it seemed like every other person on the planet had made that same decision!

We enjoyed a couple of weeks at commercial RV parks in Comox and Campbell River, but when we tried to head out to more remote places to relax … everywhere we looked was FULL!

Provincial parks, Forest Rec. sites … all full!  From our observation, the forest fires on the mainland had pushed people who otherwise would have headed there this summer … to the island.  Summer is usually crowded but this was almost unheard of!

This … coupled with the extreme heat and the smoke from the fires that had drifted over us … we found ourselves ‘camped’ in an industrial parking lot and thought “What’s the point??”

So … we’re in Victoria but we’re enjoying all things local so it’s not a complete loss.  Right now we’re ‘camped’ in a friends’ field … but will be at the Fort Victoria RV park starting August 20th till the end of September.  Then our 5th wheel is hauled back to Oceanside RV park in Central Saanich where we’ll spend the winter.

Next year … ???  Any suggestions??


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